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My name is Susan, and Designs by Prater is what you could call my creative outlet that pulls together my photography, art and graphic design endeavors! The most important thing you should know about me is that my life revolves around my God and my Savior Jesus Christ, my family (especially my husband Todd, son JD, and puppy Lexie), family and friends. Other than that, I am pretty much obsessed with photography, Coca-Cola, and the color green (and all shades of green for that matter, especially teal). I love sports but cannot play them worth a lick. I would not trade my time as a college student at Mississippi State for anything in the world. The friendships and memories made there will stick with me forever...Hail State and Go Dogs! And I am very picky about my chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheeses, and shaved ice (gotta be SnoBiz watermelon flavor).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

MINI Sessions & Christmas Cards

Just a reminder about our MINI Sessions for a Cure! Your $50 session fee goes straight to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® through the Images For A Cure giving site. Donations are due by the end of October, but your session can take place anytime before the end of the year. For more information, click HERE!

And if you are interested in using these sessions to get that perfect photo for your Christmas cards, then I thought you might like to see some of our Christmas card designs!

Option 3a

Option 5

To see more designs, check out our gallery HERE!

And aside from normal sizes like 5x5 and 5x7 flat and folded cards, we're also offering new custom die-cut Luxe cards that you'll instantly fall in love with just as I have! Check out the new sizes we now offer :)

Below are some sample designs for our Luxe cards:

Option 9 LUXE

Option 7 LUXE

As for pricing, here is what you can plan for.
25 4x5.5 Flat Cards - $50
50 4x5.5 Flat Cards - $90
75 4x5.5 Flat Cards - $120
100 4x5.5 Flat Cards - $150

25 5x5/5x7 Flat Cards - $60
50 5x5/5x7 Flat Cards - $100
75 5x5/5x7 Flat Cards - $130
100 5x5/5x7 Flat Cards - $160

25 4x5.5 Folded Cards - $70
50 4x5.5 Folded Cards - $130
75 4x5.5 Folded Cards - $180
100 4x5.5 Folded Cards - $220

25 5x5/5x7 Folded Cards - $80
50 5x5/5x7 Folded Cards - $140
75 5x5/5x7 Folded Cards - $190
100 5x5/5x7 Folded Cards - $230

25 4x5.5/5x5/5x7 Tri-fold Cards - $85
50 4x5.5/5x5/5x7 Tri-fold Cards - $150
75 4x5.5/5x5/5x7 Tri-fold Cards - $200
100 4x5.5/5x5/5x7 Tri-fold Cards - $240

25 Luxe Cards - $70
50 Luxe Cards - $130
75 Luxe Cards - $180
100 Luxe Cards - $220

- prices include custom design, white envelopes, and choice of paper stock (UV coated, linen, recycled paper, or pearl for standard sizes; Smooth, Pearl, Linen, or Watercolor for Luxe cards)
- bonus for you - post your favorite childhood Christmas memory on our Facebook page and receive 10% off your Christmas card order!

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