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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

faq : the editing process {memphis photographer}

I've decided to start a new feature on the blog where I will from time to time take one of the FAQ's I receive from clients and post the answers on here for all to read. I hope you will find it as beneficial as it is informative! And if you have another question that you would like for me to cover in a future post, please leave a comment and let me know what you want to talk about next...

today's faq : we've booked our session and have now completed out portrait session. what's next?

the answer? the editing process

step one : in the first week following your session, i will blog and upload to facebook a few sneak peek photos for your viewing pleasure.

step two : once i have culled through all the images from your session, i will narrow it down to the best images from each location/outfit/pose and take them through the initial editing phase where they will each receive one of my two favorite looks - a simple pop of color or a vintage black/white conversion.

example of color pop:
color pop beforeafter

example of vintage black/white conversion:
vintage bw beforeafter

step three : all edited images will be uploaded to my proofing site within the second week AND more of my faves from your session will join the sneak peek photos already up on facebook and the blog

step four
: we both learn which photos you like the best and hopefully you place an order! ;)

step five : final edits are made to the photos you ordered just to make sure they are looking their absolute best before the order is officially placed with my printing lab. this usually entails removing any final blemishes that may have been missed during the initial editing phase or removing unwanted items in the background of your photos or simply adding a little bit more pop to the image. for example, on this next photo, i quickly learned that it was one of marianne's favorite photos and that she was going to want it in lots of different sizes. so i wanted to make it absolutely perfect! so we removed a few of the smudges on the structure they were leaning up against, pulled out its color just a bit more, and brightened up their faces a bit more, too. now, you tell me what you think of this final edit :)

initial vs final edits

step six : your order comes in and you proudly display them in your home and give them as gifts...we hope at least! ;)

step seven : for extra credit, you send me photos of them in your homes so i can blog them as a client share later on!! pretty please...haha

Well, I hope that gives you a better idea of what to expect after your portrait session is in the books! take care and God bless :)

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