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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

faq : do's and don'ts with images {memphis photographer}

A popular topic amongst both photographers and clients alike is what is allowed versus not allowed concerning a photographer's images from a portrait session or wedding. Personally, it makes me silly happy when I see my clients “stealing” their pictures from our blog or facebook fan page to use on their own personal facebook profiles, blogs, etc. It's a major compliment that you adore them enough to want to proudly share them with your friends and family...so we love that kind of stealing!

That said, here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts that you should keep in mind when re-posting these images (as taken from Mom*tog - a popular blog for photogs who are moms or who hope to be soon (like me...haha) or moms who just love to take photographs):

1) DO ask your photographer what their specific policy is on taking pictures off of their blogs. Some photographers encourage it and some don’t allow it. If this is important to you, this is something you should ask BEFORE you hire your photographer!
- DBP fully endorses this as long as the next few points are adhered to

2) DO include your photographer’s name and website under the images (a link would be super nice!). That’s just the polite thing to do :)
- DBP is making it a point to include these in the images before they are posted to our blog or facebook, so this shouldn't be an extra step to you!

3) DON’T crop out their logo, and unless you have paid for the digital negatives, don’t alter the files in anyway. Most photographers use their blogs to advertise their work and do so as a courtesy to give their clients a sneak peek. If a client crops out the logo then how will other people know who took the picture?
- DBP hopes you'd want to keep our logos in anyways, as the more people you refer to us, the more referral rewards you earn to go towards prints and products from your session :)

4) DON’T edit the picture in any way. Taking the pictures is only half of a photographer's job; the other half is editing. If you think you can do a better job or want to edit out some of your wrinkles or use selective coloring, please don’t show and/or tell your photographer. That is super insulting. If you don’t like your photographer's editing enough to want to edit it yourself, then maybe you need to find another photographer next year.
- Perhaps a nicer way for us to say the above is to just state that we hope part of the reason you are hiring us is because you already love OUR STYLE! So why would you want to put more work on yourself when you have already paid us for this? If there is an additional edit you would like, just ask us!

5) DON’T try to print from the files on the blog. For me specifically I know that the files I upload to my blog are too small to be printed in a 4×6 size. It’s not cool to invest in a family session and then print the images off of the blog and not pay for prints. Make sure you know how much the prints cost before the session to avoid sticker shock. Same goes for scanning prints that you already bought. Not cool!
- The reason we post most all of our pricing publicly on our DBP blog is so you can have a good idea of the average investment BEFORE you make the decision to hire us. We also provide many options on the front end to give you the most bang for your buck via our print collections and digital portrait packages. We're here to give you both value and moments frozen in time that you will treasure for a lifetime...not to nickle and dime you. But we do have to make a living so some cost is involved. ;)

So there you have it! Let us know if you have any other questions pertaining to this topic...or if you want us to cover something specific in our next FAQs post.

And because no post should ever go without a picture, here is another of my faves from a recent senior sesh with Shelby! It was snapped right as she was finishing up a conversation with either her boyfriend or her sister. While I can't remember exactly what was being said, I can only guess that it was probably something funny! Why doesn't everyone take a stab at what she was saying by giving this photo your own caption in the comments...ha!

shelby 22

To see more, visit her proofing gallery HERE and her facebook album HERE! God bless! :)

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