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My name is Susan, and Designs by Prater is what you could call my creative outlet that pulls together my photography, art and graphic design endeavors! The most important thing you should know about me is that my life revolves around my God and my Savior Jesus Christ, my family (especially my husband Todd, son JD, and puppy Lexie), family and friends. Other than that, I am pretty much obsessed with photography, Coca-Cola, and the color green (and all shades of green for that matter, especially teal). I love sports but cannot play them worth a lick. I would not trade my time as a college student at Mississippi State for anything in the world. The friendships and memories made there will stick with me forever...Hail State and Go Dogs! And I am very picky about my chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheeses, and shaved ice (gotta be SnoBiz watermelon flavor).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

just because : autumn fields {collierville photographer}

I love driving down the road and finding random spots that I think would make for a great backdrop in future photo sessions, and this next location was one of those spots I was dying to shoot in late autumn. So I put out a casting call of sorts on my blog several weeks ago for some kids who'd be willing to play in some fields one Friday afternoon. The below photos are some of my fave shots from that afternoon. Thanks again to Araceli and Alison for being brave souls who allowed me to take their little ones deep into the field. I'm sure they had lots of fun giving the kids their baths later that night! :) Enjoy!

First up, the oh-so-sweet Maddie:
autumn fields 02

autumn fields 03

autumn fields 17

autumn fields 18

autumn fields 30

and add in her beautiful and loving mom!
autumn fields 36

autumn fields 37

autumn fields 38

autumn fields 40

next up, it's one half of the smith twins...meet the wise for his young years, Carter!
autumn fields 06

and because I couldn't decide if I liked this next photo better in color or b&w, I am posting both!
autumn fields 09

autumn fields 10

and because i love eyelash photos for some reason...and look at those curls!
autumn fields 11

autumn fields 19

the other half of the twins...the always silly Sydney!
autumn fields 14

autumn fields 15

autumn fields 16

autumn fields 24

switching over to their older sister, the gorgeous Rachel!
autumn fields 01

autumn fields 22

and because I love genuine laughing photos:
autumn fields 23

then bring back in the twins!
autumn fields 25

autumn fields 26

autumn fields 27

time to add their beautiful mom!
autumn fields 31

autumn fields 33

autumn fields 34

thanks again to everyone for being so willing to jump in! I will leave you with this final photo of the kiddos :)

autumn fields 05

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Friday, December 11, 2009

focus : burchfield {starkville photographer}

Wanted to share some of my favorite images from a recent shoot in Starkville with the Burchfield family. I had such a blast with them and can't wait to find out which images are their faves! In the meantime, here are a few of mine... :)

birchfield 30

birchfield 31

birchfield 32

birchfield 33

birchfield 35

i absolutely LOVE this one...so candid and so much fun!
birchfield 36

birchfield 37

happy baby aubree :)
birchfield 38

sweet kenzie claire...
birchfield 39

...and almost all grown up rylee!
birchfield 40

birchfield 41

birchfield 42

birchfield 44

burchfield 46

birchfield 47

the gorgeous momma, Amy
birchfield 48

the dapper dad, Kevin
birchfield 50

birchfield 52

birchfield 54

birchfield 55

birchfield 59

To see the more images from their session, click HERE for their facebook album and HERE for their proofing gallery.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Win a Free HP

Nice looking computer, eh? Did you know the monitor is a touch screen? How cool is that! I just entered to win this multiple times on multiple blogs...and you can, too!

It's a catch-22 really! The more ways I tell other people to enter to win this computer, the more chances I have to win it, too. But the more I do to increase my odds, the more people I tell who end up going to enter as well. So, is it really helping me? Probably not! But at least I am trying. :)

I have had my eye on this computer for awhile and am actually saving up to buy it. But how great would it be to win it and use those funds for something else, like a new camera or lens. haha!

Anyways, here is where you can go for you chance to win one. There are at least 5 being given away!

- Win one at Kelly's Korner

- Win one at A Year of Slow Cooking

- Win one at My Charming Kids

- Win one at The NieNie Dialogues

- Win one at BooMama

Good luck to you...but not too much luck! I want to win one, too ;)

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