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My name is Susan, and Designs by Prater is what you could call my creative outlet that pulls together my photography, art and graphic design endeavors! The most important thing you should know about me is that my life revolves around my God and my Savior Jesus Christ, my family (especially my husband Todd, son JD, and puppy Lexie), family and friends. Other than that, I am pretty much obsessed with photography, Coca-Cola, and the color green (and all shades of green for that matter, especially teal). I love sports but cannot play them worth a lick. I would not trade my time as a college student at Mississippi State for anything in the world. The friendships and memories made there will stick with me forever...Hail State and Go Dogs! And I am very picky about my chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheeses, and shaved ice (gotta be SnoBiz watermelon flavor).

Friday, October 9, 2009

b.mo.foto coming to town!

I am honored to get to serve as host to Beth of b.mo.foto this weekend as she continues on with her almost 2-month long tour of the south this summer/fall offering up portrait sessions to old and new clients along the way. And what's really neat about this is that we went to college together at Mississippi State (Go Bulldogs!) and were both very active in the Baptist Student Union so it will also serve as a bit of a reunion.

But what's even cooler than that is that while we both knew each other and had a lot of the same friends, we didn't get to really know each other too well being a few classes apart. However, we have been following each other's blogs over the past year, and have really started to bond over our desires to serve Christ with our whole hearts and lives, as well as through our passion for photography. So, this weekend is going to be really neat to be able to "talk shop" with Beth all while deepening a friendship that began almost 10 years ago when I started college!

Meet Beth! Doesn't she have a killer sense of style?! (Beth's photo comes courtesy of Red Fly Studio.)

I look forward to assisting her with some of her sessions this weekend and will post some teasers from them as we go along.

Also, this is perfect timing for me to tell you about this contest that Scarlett Lillian is hosting on her photography blog, in which several lucky people are going to be the winners of free copies of MCP Actions' Magic Blog It Board action sets. You can read more about it and enter for yourself HERE! I just entered and hope to be a lucky winner myself :)

Also, Scarlett is another photographer who is SOLD OUT for the Lord and using her photographic talent to further serve Jesus Christ and grow His Kingdom. AND Scarlett and Beth know each other because Beth was a lucky winner of one of her previous contests and got to Spend A Day with her. So, it was really cool to go to Scarlett's blog today about the contest and see Beth's photo pop up in one of the examples using MCP Actions' Magic Blog It Board action sets. Can you figure out which one is Beth?

Anyways, go check out both Beth and Scarlett's blogs, as well as the MCP Actions website...you'll become avid subscribers to their blogs like me! Stay tuned for photos from my weekend with Beth :)

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