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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wedding : phyllis + jed

Last weekend I had the incredible honor to shoot the intimate wedding ceremony of Phyllis & Jed in a local church that had the most amazing stained glass windows serving as backdrops! And what made this wedding even more special to me is that I was asked to be the photographer by my dear friend Amanda, who was serving as bridesmaid and daughter to the bride.

This wedding was a special one for so many reasons! One - it was a blessing to see two daughters love their mother so much and pamper her the way any bride should be on her special day. Two - it showed a courageous woman, who years after losing her husband to a tough battle of cancer, found her way to opening her heart again to love someone new whom God had placed in her path. Three - it showed daughters who, while always holding a very special place in their hearts for their father, found themselves able to also open up their hearts and lives to a stepfather. Four - I saw a groom welcomed into a new family with open arms. And finally - because I can only imagine that Amanda's dad, sitting with our Heavenly Father above, looked down on them that very special day - proud of his daughters and full of joy for their mother.

Well, without further adieu, I give to you PART ONE of the wedding photos showing their ceremony at Faith Lutheran Church in Collierville, TN. Stay tuned for the second half of their photos showcasing the happy couple and other family members taking a pre-reception stroll through Historic Downtown Collierville...

wed blog 01

wed blog 02

wed blog 03

wed blog 04

and I must give a very special shout out to the son-in-law who loves them as his own and took up Best Man duties on top of providing the music for the bride to walk in to with :)

wed blog 05

wed blog 06

wed blog 07

wed blog 08

wed blog 09

wed blog 10

wed blog 11

wed blog 12

wed blog 13

and I am not sure what it is, but something about this picture just warms my heart! perhaps it is the sweet smile of the bride!

wed blog 14

wed blog 15

p.s. do they make a hot couple or what?! just sayin'

wed blog 16

he snuck a lot of these in during the day ;)
wed blog 17

so did they!
wed blog 18

wed blog 19

ok...everyone shhhhh! DO NOT tell Amanda I posted this picture; she may not like it. BUT I DO! It captures her spirited personality and just makes me laugh. :) and hopefully, she won't kill me since I posted the normal photo, too...

wed blog 20

stay tuned for part two! God bless :)

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