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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Memorable Engagement Stories

Second to the year I got engaged, the year 2008 will go down in the history books as a year of memorable engagement stories! And this summer is the year that I was to witness two of them come to fruition.

Earlier this month, I got to cheer on Hayley and Jordan as they exchanged their "I Do's" in a very elegant afternoon wedding at our church! Now, their engagement story goes back several months ago to a scene in our church's worship service when our Pastor was just about to dismiss the Congregation for lunch. But before that happened, two of our college students walked onto the stage to perform a little skit that was to tell us about all the important announcements from the church bulletin...so we thought!

Well, the last announcement was plugging a married couple's retreat, and one of the guys jokingly asked the other - don't you have to be either married or engaged to go on that? Well, that's when the light bulbs started going off in everyone's mind as everyone slowly started to turn their heads to the section where Hayley and her family always sits. Before we could all take a collective deep breath, Jordan said "Well, there's something I can do about that!" Before you knew it, he was walking off the stage right toward Hayley and dropped down on one knee to ask her to be his wife. And let me tell you...there wasn't a dry eye in the place at that moment! And Hayley? I think we are still picking her jaw up off the floor..she was elated!

Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago, and their dreams became reality as they took one another's hands into their own and pledged their life, love, loyalty, hopes, dreams, and sorrows to the other as long as they both shall live. While I was not their official photographer for the wedding, I was very happy to take my camera along with me for the trip to snap some candids so I could do something special with one of them to serve as our gift for the couple! To see the amazing photos from their official photographer, click here and look for their names under "weddings."

On a sidenote, I must give props to our friend and usher for the day, Jordy, who just so happened to give me a seat with a great view, even though he did happen to place my husband right behind the only lady in the sanctuary wearing the biggest Kentucky-Derby-style hat I've ever seen in person! And what makes this whole story even more hysterical is that Todd was one of the guys helping direct cars to spots in the parking lot, and when he saw this lady pull up, he thought - Man, I sure feel sorry for the poor sap that will have to sit behind her. Haha...True story!!

Anyways, now for the pictures!

haley jordan 02

haley jordan 01

haley jordan 03

haley jordan 04

haley jordan 05

and I just couldn't get enough of the fab details that made up this beautiful wedding cake; didn't Hayley do a great job selecting a cake?!
haley jordan 06

haley jordan 07

haley jordan 08

haley jordan 09

haley jordan 10

haley jordan 11

haley jordan 12

haley jordan 13

haley jordan 14

haley jordan 15

haley jordan 16

haley jordan 17

haley jordan 18

haley jordan 19

haley jordan 20

haley jordan 21

haley jordan 22

haley jordan 23

To see other snapshots from the wedding, click here to see the album on Facebook!

Oh, and PS...stay tuned! Next weekend, I have the honor to serve as second shooter at a wedding that involves a couple from my other most memorable engagement story of 2008. Those pictures will make an appearance on the blog, along with their story, very soon! :)

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